Fighter Spotlight: Yusuke Yachi

We caught up with Yusuke Yachi to ask about his martials arts beginnings and his career. Yusuke is on a 4-fight win streak, a 3-fight win streak in RIZIN and will be a major player in the Japanese scene soon.

How do did you get started in Martial Arts?

“As I continued to watch PRIDE and K-1 my ambition and desire in becoming a badass grew stronger.”

How long after practicing Martial Arts did you know you wanted to compete professionally?

“I started practicing Martial Arts knowing I wanted to be a professional.”

How many amateur fights did you have before going pro and who was your first opponent?

“I don’t remember, maybe 15?”

How did you get started with Shooto?

“I started off competing in amateur Shooto and I was granted a professional license, so I started there professionally.”

You fought for 4 years with Shooto, what are some of your memories and experiences fighting for Shooto?

“It’s an organization with history and class. It is a prestigious organization which is recognized by the world. If you become the Shoot Champion, I feel that you can hold your own anywhere.”

You were on a 5 fight win streak in Shooto before switching to PXC & a fight in VTJ 3rd what made you decide to switch promotions at the time?

“I started aiming for the UFC, and knew that I needed cage experience and international experience. I simply thought that if I became the PXC champion, that would open doors to the UFC.”

What were your experiences like working with PXC and VTJ 3rd?

“At PXC, I learned a lot about the funs parts and hard parts of fighting outside of your home country. I feel that I was able to grow a lot as a fighter from those days.”

You started in Pancrase on their 275 card, how did that come together and what are your memories fighting for Pancrase?

“I lost my belt in PXC, and I wanted to get it back, so I figured the fastest way is to get a win in the cage, and at the time, Pancrase was the biggest organization with the cage.”

How did you get contacted to fight for RIZIN?

“After I returned to Light weight and got a win, they called me.”

Were you a fan of PRIDE FC?

“I was a HUGE fan. I was still very young at the time, so I didn’t know too much about details, but I definitely enjoyed watching it.”

You have had 3 amazing fights so far, all by spectacular KO’s & TKO, out of the 3 fights you’ve had so far, which one was your favorite and why?

“My second fight against Daron Cruickshank. I was able to score a highlight reel knockout against a former UFC fighter.”

Your entrance music is 蜂と蝶  by Soul Scream, what made you pick that song and how do you feel that song represents you?

“I like the main chorus part. And the Bee relates to my gym. The lyrics of the chorus defines what I aim for as a fighter.”

What are some of your other favorite hip hop artists besides Soul Scream?

“I also like Eminem, 2pac, biggie, those kind of stuff.”

You had expressed interest in Kron Gracie as your next opponent, have you heard anything from Kron Gracie’s side about being interested in that match up?

“Haven’t heard anything.”

Final words:

I would like to use this opportunity to thank my family, and everybody involved who make me who I am today.


Yusuke Yachi does not have an opponent yet but we expect he will fight in December on NYE.

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