Rize Up! Podcast Episode 1 w/ Special Guest Enson Inoue

Welcome to the Rize Up! podcast where we discuss all things related to RIZIN.

This week we talk with Enson Inoue about a road rage incident that happened to him and and we talk MMA rules and how too many rules and trying to game the rules can actually make a fight more dangerous.

Also we talk about Joaquina Bonfim and her comments on WMMA Rankings wanting to more heavyweight females being promoted and how it may not just be the promoters fault and a Gabi Garcia vs Joaquina Bonfim may be a perfect match up as Katya Kavaleva and Oxana Gagloeva don’t seem very committed to fighting Gabi Garcia at this time.

Links Mentioned in this podcast:

Enson Inoue’s Grappling Central Interview: http://grapplingcentral.com/episode-212-enson-inoue/

Takayama Support and Donation Page(Japanese): https://ameblo.jp/takayama-do/entry-12306729959.htm

Note: An English version is in the works and should be available shortly to donate to Takayama and his family via GoFundMe. We will update ASAP when we get the official and verified release.

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