Fighter Spotlight: Kanna Asakura

Today we interviewed Kanna Asakura who is preparing for her fight against Sylwia Juśkiewicz in the first round of the super atomweight grand prix. She entered into the tournament after a qualifying match against Saori Ishioka at DEEP Jewels 17. She displayed great grappling ability and dominated the fight and won by unanimous decision.

She is focused on winning the tournament but has hinted an interest in a rematch against Alyssa Garcia, this could potentially happen during the Grand Prix or possibly even after the GP concludes in an exhibition match. We will just have to wait and see how things unfold.

Nov, 8th will mark your 2nd year in MMA, what got you started in Martial Arts and made you want to compete in MMA?
“I got into training right after I quit wrestling. My current master Hiroshi Tsuruya invited me over to one of his MMA classes. Until then, my life was built around wrestling, so after quitting, I had nothing to do. So I figured that this would be a perfect way for me to utilize my wrestling skills.”

Did you play any other sports as kid?
“Judo and swimming. I was taking swimming classes, but I am still a terrible swimmer lol”

How did you get started with RIZIN?
“I have always wanted to participate in RIZIN from the beginning, and with the tremendous amount of help from the people around me, I was able to participate in RIZIN.”

What was it like your first time in Rizin, were you exited or nervous with all the lights and big production?
“I have never thought I could walk down a ramp in such a venue, so I was nothing but pumped and excited, and nervous as usual.”

What song do you use for your entrance and why did you pick that song?
“Happiness by AI. I feel like this song fits me the most. Everybody says that I seem happy, and they all say it fits me.”

What are some of your other hobbies or passions besides Martial Arts and MMA?
I have no hobbies…. I don’t know why but I am quite busy running errands outside of my time training, so all I do is about fighting. If I had more time, I would love to find some kind of a hobby.”

You are competing at the first ever Atomweight Grand Prix, how do you feel about how far Women’s MMA has come and how big of a moment is this for you?
“As a fighter, I think it is great that women’s MMA is becoming more noticed and accepted. I think right now is the time to make some noise so I would like to take this opportunity and continue to spread the popularity of women’s MMA. With the fact that I am the youngest participant, I would like to make a statement by climbing up the bracket. A tournament style is what gets the fighters’ motivation going, so I don’t want to lose. I want to show the momentum of the young generation!”

Your first opponent will be Sylwia Juśkiewicz how do you feel about this match up and do you know much about her and her stand up fighting style?
“I saw her fight. She looks like a striker, and that’s about all I know.”

After the Grand Prix are there any women in particular you’d be really interested in competing against?
Right now, I want to focus on the tournament. There might be a chance that I will be able to redeem myself against a certain opponent.”

Kanna Asakura vs Sylwia Juśkiewicz will take place on October 15th and will be available on FITE TV at

KannaAsakura vs Sylwia Juskiewicz

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