Fighter Spotlight: Cassie Robb

We were able to catch up with Cassie Robb and ask her a few questions about her RIZIN experience where she fought Miyuu Yamamoto. We hope to see here back in RIZIN at some point.

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How did you get started in Martial Arts & MMA?
“I used to go to a lot of local MMA fights in my hometown and was inspired when I saw a female compete in such a male dominated sport.”

How did you get invited to RIZIN?
“I got the opportunity through KOTC, I was exclusively signed to them and they told me that Rizin was interested so I trained hard to win the fight in front of me and was offered the fight after I beat Jayme Hinshaw.”

What was it like to be in Japan?
“INCREDIBLE! So different from America but in a great way. I loved it and hope I get to go back!”

How do you feel fighting in a ring vs cage?
“I honestly like the cage a little better just because it’s what I am more used to and because I can use it in the fight but i liked the mat in the ring, it wasn’t as slippery as most of the ones in cages.”

Do you have any predictions or favorites in the Atomweight GP?
“Favs would be great friend of mine Andy Nguyen and RENA! Miyuu is great as well but I see Andy and RENA going the furthest!

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